Answers for RTW questions

  • How did you feel getting back to the workplace after being out for a period of time? Apprehensive at first, but adjusted back quickly.
  • Did you suffer imposter syndrome? No, working on a huge project, where there are constantly new starters so never made to feel like that. Everyone made me feel welcome.
  • What was your preparation like? Interview prep and revised notes on previous projects I had worked on. Also got a home office organised.
  • What was your greatest challenge? Finding a good childminder who I was happy with, once I had that sorted I felt I could properly focus on the role.
  • How was it getting back? Great, felt good to restart the brain, get back onto Linked In and feel motivated each day.
  • In hindsight What would your advise be? Enjoy your time away from work with your family, Take as much time as you feel suits your particular situation. When returning to work, get your home life / kids etc sorted first, and then everything else will seem easier. Only take on as many hours as you can cope with, don’t overcommit.
  • What are your hopes going forward? Continue to work in CSV roles, hope to keep the level of flexibility that my current role offers me (part time, from home). Continue to build my CV.

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