5 Things to think about before you apply for that dream job.

At Independent Solutions we receive many applications every day for our job vacancies.
The trick is to stand out from the rest. So how do you do that?

Here are our top tips on applying for that dream job:

  1. Check Have you got the minimum requirements? All of our jobs will have minimum qualification/requirements specified. Read over this and make sure you have what is required. This saves both you and the person receiving the application a lot of time.
  2. Well written – Is the application well written? Take time to spell check or edit. Think about if YOU were reading this application.
  3. Likeable and come across well How are you coming across in the application? Would you like to read this? Think about the person reading the application. What would make you stand out?
  4. Enthusiastic & keen Everyone likes a bit of positivity. Are you showing your passion for what you do? Does it sound like you are just filling in the application for the sake of it, or could you be the person we have been waiting for.
  5. Research Do your research. Find out what you can about the company you are applying to. You could mention something like. ‘I really like the ethos of this company’ Show that you too support the same set of ethics for example.

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