Independent Solutions in this New and Different Work Dynamic

The last 6 weeks are starting to take their toll on many of us, as we’re trying to navigate a new way of living and working.

This time is unprecedented, it is hard to comprehend that not only are all age groups in our local area affected but they are also affected across our county, our country and the world! Deserted roads, shuttered businesses, closed schools, absence of social interaction. So many things have become the new norm: social distancing, avoidance, hermit living, House Party, excessive hand washing & face masks. It’s hard to take it all in. Life is paused, how long for is the question? Will our world & working life be changed forever?

Work is changing for all of us. It can be hard to balance working, contending with others working in the same space, teaching kids, being at home with family and making time for decluttering, downtime & feeling pressure to make the most of this time…and feeling guilty & anxious when we don’t. We are trying to do the best we can with what we have in this moment. This makes for a new and very different work dynamic.

Though I have had flexible and remote work options since Independent Solutions was formed in 2006, it is now common practise. I have made a few changes, rearranged my desk to face a window, so I get natural light. Hardwired my internet to stabilize video calls and presentations rather than relying on WiFi.

At Independent Solutions we’re doing the best we can to continue business as usual during these extraordinary times. Fortunately, we are adapting well using the technology available to us, not forgetting the phone, which can be a welcome change to the overload of video calls, as well as a chance to get out in the elements.

We are used to having teams in other locations, we’ve always utilized video conferencing to stay connected in real-time. However, with social distancing restrictions in place, we have had to rely on video conferencing in the hiring/recruitment process. In spite of COVID-19, we’ve continued to move ahead with virtual interviews. Although the 1:1 connection cannot be replicated, virtual interviews are a close second when assessing a job candidate.

During COVID-19, companies need project management expertise more than ever. Independent Solutions brings you experienced resources with skills & knowledge who can handle remote work with ease. Whether it’s pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices or med tech, we can assist with your resource or skill constraints our project management, validation, risk assessment, auditing experts will get your projects done.

Creative Home Office Solutions towards Improving our Well-Being

The world is undoubtedly undergoing alteration. Most of us are now forced to work from home, which might be far from optimal.

Saying that, every crisis comes with a blessing, and there are no challenges without an opportunity. Wouldn’t it be great to reframe this challenge and use it to initiate creative home office solutions with resourceful actions towards improving our well-being?

The more focused and objective we are, the more resilient, adaptable we become to this temporary transformation. That is why developing long-lasting high priority health basics are wisdom. The good news is that there has never been a better time for getting the basics right of our activities of daily living while working at home. Things we do most of the day, sitting, standing, and moving.

You’ve heard it: sitting is a health hazard, especially since the average person sits at least 10 hours a day. Sedentary behaviour is linked to many chronic conditions, including heart disease, back pain, diabetes, and depression. The basics on sitting should include both your feet flat on the floor with your hips above your knees. This arrangement will aid in aligning your spine while engaging your core muscles. Lastly, avoid soft chairs and couches.

Standing is a new trend, especially when it comes to working stations. If you’re new to standing, you shouldn’t expect to switch entirely to a standing position overnight. Take baby steps here. Start with 30 minutes the first day and add another 15-30 minutes each day until standing occupies most of your day.

Don’t have a standing desk? No problem. An ironing board, box, or an overturned wastebasket will do. The critical point here is that you simply cannot replace sitting with standing. The best way to incorporate standing is to also promote more movement throughout your day, which segues into the glue that puts this whole thing together, which is, movement.

Movement is the most critical part of developing a proper work routine. Growing research confirms that in order to sustain ideal health, your body needs to spend a significant portion of its time moving. Ideally, cycles of sitting 20 minutes, 8 minutes of standing, and 2 minutes of movement should be incorporated throughout your day.

Lastly, it is not what happens to us that matters as much as how we respond to it. Do not let so-called outer circumstances dictate your final outcomes. You come out of this scenario, stronger, healthier, and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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